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  • Skills Required : Computer Knowledge
  • Internet is required.
  • Payout given monthly (b/w 15-20th of the Next Month)
  • Any Investment : Yes ( Very Minimum, as we get more than 800-900 Application in a day & we can't provide Work Files & Login Access to everyone, so whosoever pays the amount, gets the software & Activation immediately.)
  • Payouts : Mentioned Below.
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Copy Paste
Copy Paste
Copy Paste
Copy Paste
Processing Fees
Maximum Assignments
Per Month
Maximum Earnings
Per Month
Validity Period
Any Deductions/Target
Rs 350 + Tax = Rs 400
10 Assignments
Rs 8,000 Per Month
6 Months
No Deductions/
No Target
Rs 500 + Tax = Rs 572
18 Assignments
Rs 17,600 Per Month
6 Months
No Deductions/
No Target
Rs 650 + Tax = Rs 744
30 Assignments
Rs 32,000 Per Month
9 Months
No Deductions/
No Target
Rs 800 + Tax = Rs 916
More than 38,000 PM.
9 Months
No Deductions/
No Target
As per the name suggests, Copy Paste Work is a program wherein you need to copy the data & paste it in to the web form which would be available in the user panel once you login into our panel. Data will be provided to you on a regular basis, a form size would be of 6-7 boxes which can easily be completed within 10-15 seconds depending on your typing & internet speed.

If we make a comparison between Data Entry, Copy Paste & Online Form Filling. Then, Copy Paste is easier than Online Form Filling & Data Entry.

If you are a Fresher, then you can start with a Basic package & can earn upto Rs 8,000 Per Month. We are not like other Data companies who claim that you can earn 20k-50k per month. But, we always work on the fact & show true figures.

As this Point of time, we are hiring for data entry package wherin you need to copy the data from Excel/JPG file & paste it into the Webform available for you.

We'll be Paying you Rs 800 to Rs 2200 per 1000 forms
For the First 10,000 Forms in a Month - Rs 800 Per 1000 Forms.
For the Next 20,000 Forms in a Month - Rs 1200 Per 1000 Forms.
For the Next 20,000 Forms in a Month - Rs 1400 Per 1000 Forms
For the Next  20,000 Forms in a Month - Rs 1800 Per 1000 Forms.
Thereafter Rs 2200 Per 1000 Forms will be Paid to you

1 Assignment means 1000 Small Forms (Six to Seven Text Boxes).

Average Time consumed in filling a form is 10-15 seconds, so you spend 1-2 hours a day then you can easily complete 14,000  - 16,000 forms in a month. Making an income of  13,000 - 15,000 per month.

Please Note : We have four different plans in Copy Paste Work. The Limits & Earnings & Fees for the programs are mentioned below.

We charge registration fees as our service charge & other administrative charges. These charges includes our daily server usage charge, back office administrative charges, customer support charges, your work file management, monthly payment processing fees, courier charges for 12 Months etc.

To Buy, this package & get your work started, please fill the Registration Form or Email us at
The Plans for Copy Paste Program are mentioned below. Please Have a look.....
E Mail us at :
Call : 084-4797-1121
Last date to apply for year 2017 : April 27. Applications will be considered on first come first serve basis